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Dj In MiamiJonathan has been working as a host, event planner and special event DJ in Florida since 1996. His experience includes: weddings, private parties, corporate events, trade shows, fashion shows, concerts, clubs, talent competitions, film/tv, educational fairs, health seminars, retail stores and more.

Some of these events have gained international media exposure on television, newspapers, dvds and magazines. Over the years, he has been hired by companies like: Pepsi, ESPN, Fila, Redbull and not-for-profit organizations like; American Cancer Society, Kids in Distress, The NAACP, The Dan Marino Foundation, Source Youth Foundation, Shake-A-Leg and Miami Light Project.

While mostly based as a South Eastern Florida DJ, he has traveled to play in cities like; New York, Montreal, Boston, Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles and Tel Aviv. He has also played along side headline artists such as the Black Eyed Peas, Outkast and many famous DJ’s. Additionally, his original music and events have been licensed for broadcasting and can be found on various DVDs in international retail chains like Best Buy, Target, Net Flix and Blockbuster. In 2010, he played a featured role in a nationally televised Coast Guard Public Service Announcement while rocking a set of technics 1200 turntables on a boat (see video below).

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VIDEO: DJ Trails in a nationally televised commercial for the U.S. Coast Gaurd

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Mr. Fields is currently working as a
Doctor of Oriental Medicine and practicing Acupuncture in Parkland @


This website sums up my whole life 🙂 www.JonathanMFields.com It features my Art, Graphic Design, Music, Philosophy, Health & Fitness routines and diet.

2001-2007 ART GALLERY TheArtoftheSoul.com Original artwork, fine art, paintings, drawings and photography This is an older site but more of my work is up there. Mostly Paintings and Illustrations from 2001-2007

Besides working as a DJ in Florida, Mr. Fields provides the following services for SEM PROS,

Web Design, Graphic Design and Online Advertising

Search Engine Marketing Company

Social Media Optimization Company

SEO Consultants


In his spare time, Jonathan is a martial arts instructor at an MMA program in Coconut Creek, FL.

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You can see videos of him teaching MMA classes at the Lost Legacy MMA YouTube Channel

Jonathan is also an active Fashion designer working in streetwear and T-Shirt designs since 1998.

He designs using the pseudonym J-Matthew, based on his first initial and middle name. You can see his most recent brand and more information about his work at:


Jonathan is now a full time Acupuncturist in Coral Springs, Florida with offices for Acupuncture in Coral Springs, Tamarac Acupuncture, Coconut Creek Acupuncture & Parkland Acupuncture.

Click for for info about his Coral Springs Acupuncture Clinic or the Acupuncture in Tamarac Location or come in for Acupuncture in Coconut Creek, FL.


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